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It is the perfect time to sell cheer bows in your pro shop! Competition season hasn't start yet ( which means cheerleaders can't buy bows at the cheer competitions ), the season just started  and  you probably have some new cheerleaders who don't have their bows yet. Also buying from your pro shop means no shipping cost for them and no waiting!
  1. BRAGABIT pro shop packages consist of our catchphrase bows and start at just 15 bows ( you can buy 15, 16, or 22 bows etc, it is up to you how many bows you want to buy):
  2. You can buy our bestselling catchphrase bows  or choose phrases that you want, it can be made in your gym colors or just a variety of colors ( bows with rhinestones are not included, you may not choose specific fabrics, to guarantee the lowest price, these bows are made from fabrics and materials that we have in overstock);
  3. We sell it to you for $11 per a bow, free shipping. Suggested retail price $15-$20;
  4. We will ship it out within 3-5 business days.
  5. Just email us at info@bragabit.com to place your order or send us a message at the bottom of this page.
Example of pro shop order:
We would like:
4 fly
3 working my... bow off
4 best friend bows (red and black colors)
5 cheer sisters bows in white and black
2 this beauty is a beast
3 birthday girl bow

total: 21 bows - 9 bows in colors requested , the rest in variety of colors.


we would like 15 bows in your bestselling designs.

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